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Forum Rules
« on: October 08, 2021, 09:30:29 AM »
Official Board Rules

- Do not spam. This one is pretty simple, multiple useless/pointless posts will be considered spam. This includes spamming PMs.

- Do not advertise. Any external links must be relevant. This isn't the place to recruit people for your new pyramid scheme.

- No illegal content or links, including links to any sites containing illegal material.

- Do not troll / insult people / start flame wars.

- Do not post someone's picture or private information without their permission.

- Respect board-specific rules! This one is important. Some boards have specific rules about posting and replying. Not following these rules is sure to result in a warning.

- Do not argue with moderators/admins. If you have a problem with how they're doing their job, send them a private message.

- Do not share your account. Sharing your account is strictly prohibited and will result in the removal of all party's accounts.

- No backseat moderation. Let the moderators do their jobs. Report posts if necessary, but do not abuse the report feature.

- Posting pornography, violence, or anything else considered inappropriate, is strictly forbidden.

- All forum rules, terms, and conditions also apply to the official Discord server.
These rules may change at any time.

Admins may enforce the rules in any way they see fit.

Thank you

The SVT Team

best regards.
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